In need of power

Everybody knows what it’s like to see your mobile phone go down from 2% power to a totally blank screen. Perhaps you’ve been on the move and there’s been no chance to get charged up. Maybe you’ve been using some power-intensive apps and you now realize you don’t have enough power to see you through to your next charging opportunity. Or perhaps, very simply, you didn’t realize how little battery life you had left and there is no immediate electricity socket to connect to.

Powered up

If any of these scenarios, or a multitude of other low-power moments, sound familiar to you, it is definitely worth considering investing in a power bank (or powerbank). These portable devices are a type of external battery that can be used to charge up your phone without being connected to the electricity grid, allowing you to plug in and stay connected for extended periods of time.

Staying in charge

There are many different makes and models of power banks to choose from. At AliExpress we have brought together some of the best power banks on the market (including the best power bank for the iPhone and other best-selling mobile phones). Although power banks will usually come with a power bank charger as standard, if you lost or damaged this item we also have an extensive range of replacements.

A sizeable difference

One of the key considerations when buying a power bank is the capacity of this external battery, i.e. how much electrical energy it can provide to charge a cell phone, tablet, or other portable device. The amount of stored energy in a power bank is measured in milliampere hours or mAh (sometimes written as mah or maA-h) – the higher the total mAh, the greater the amount of stored energy. Power banks come in a variety of energy sizes, including power bank 10000mAh, power bank 20000mAh and powerbank 50000mAh, and prices therefore vary accordingly. There are also a variety of makes of power bank; some of the most popular models include the Anker power bank and the Xiaomi power bank.

Going green

Sometimes you don’t know exactly when you are next able to find an electric storage point. Whether hiking in the country or planning a camping trip, if you think you are going to be “off the grid” for any serious amount of time, it may be useful to consider a solar power bank. These environmentally-friendly devices charge up from the energy of the sun, helping you to stay connected even when you are far from the nearest electricity socket. What’s more, it’s a great opportunity to impress your friends with your green credentials. Whatever option you choose, you will soon wonder how you managed without your portable power bank – a device that provides invaluable energy on the move for your mobile phone or other portable device. It will soon become as habitual to charge up your power bank as it is to charge up your mobile. Knowing that you have sufficient power to stay connected is a weight off your mind, whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going next.